Annual Report

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Dear Member:

Coming off a year of extensive member input, we went into 2012 keenly dialed in to the issues on the minds of North Dakotans. One of the many things we did with that knowledge was examine our purpose and values to see if they still fit.

Accordingly, we made a few changes. Today, our statement of purpose is:

To deliver affordable solutions to improve the care and health of those we serve.

Employees, executives and board members use this as the litmus test for every initiative we undertake. It seems straightforward enough, but it contains a couple intricacies I'd like to point out.

You see the words health care inverted to "care and health." It's a subtle change with a significant difference.

As a health insurer, it's assumed we help pay for your health care, but we've expanded our role to helping ensure you get good quality care. Through partnerships with North Dakota doctors, we're addressing issues related to rising costs and quality of care and we're seeing positive results.

We also understand the intense connection between our lifestyles and our health, something we didn't understand when we began 70 years ago. If BCBSND can play a role in helping people live healthier lives, it helps make the cost of care more affordable. It will also improve quality of life.

As we move boldly into 2013, we look forward to continuing the conversation.



Paul von Ebers
President and CEO



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