Annual Report

Tim Huckle

Dear Member:

We've worked alongside you for over 75 years to increase access to quality health care in our state. Being member owned—BCBSND is your company, and we are grateful for the trust you've placed in us. We continue to advocate for thoughtful solutions to address the cost of care—both with our services and with others in the health care industry. And as health care faces more changes, we work hard to ensure we continue to earn your trust with increased value and service.

We're staying true to our North Dakota roots, rolling up our sleeves and working hard not just to change, but to transform—to create opportunities for improvements across the business. From new partnerships with health care providers, to increasing our scope of wellness offerings and delivering new care options, we keep working to advance care and health across North Dakota.

BCBSND continues to champion transformations in:

  • The delivery of care—to reward quality over quantity
  • Increasing our view of health to a broader definition of wellness to expand our offerings and improve your health experience
  • Simplifying the complexities around health care with self-help tools, support and education

We all want better health for North Dakota and access to the most efficient, effective care possible. That's what we're working to deliver.

Thank you for your trust.


Tim Huckle
President and Chief Executive Officer
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Annual Report

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