Financial Report

Financial Statements
Balance Sheet December 31, 2017
Cash & Cash Equivalents  $ 61,500,000
Accounts Receivable 89,928,000
Investments 556,423,000
Land and Buildings 19,848,000
EDP Equipment 5,981,000
Other Assets 65,140,000
Total Assets $ 798,820,000
Liabilities & Reserves  
Claims Payable $ 136,069,000
Premiums Received in Advance 23,135,000
Accounts Payable 98,391,000
Total Liabilities 257,595,000
Reserve for Contingencies 541,225,000
Total Liabilities and Reserve $ 798,820,000
Statement of Operations  
  Year ending
Dec. 31, 2017
Premium Income $ 1,099,302,000
Claims Incurred 922,638,000
Operating Expense 109,128,000
State Premium Tax 15,268,000
Operating Gain/(Loss) 52,268,000
Other Income/(Loss) 10,789,000
Income Tax Provision (12,037,000)
Net Income $ 51,020,000
Changes in Reserves for Contingencies  
Prior year balance  $ 399,221,000
Change in Unrealized Gain/(Loss) 27,381,000
Change in Non-Admitted Assets 7,868,000
Change in Net Deferred Income Tax 56,605,000
Change in Pension and
Postretirement Benefits
Net Income (Loss) to Date 51,020,000
End of Year balance $ 541,225,000


Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is a mutual not-for-profit organization and reports its financials in accordance with that structure.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association licenses Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) to offer certain products and services under the BLUE CROSS® and BLUE SHIELD® brand names. BCBSND is an independent organization governed by its own Board of Directors, and responsible for its own obligations. A copy of BCBSND's most recent audited financial statement is available on request to BCBSND.