About Tim Huckle

Tim Huckle is President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.  As CEO, Tim also is one of 36 Blues' CEOs across the country that comprise the national Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Board of Directors, and serves on the Association Inter-Plan Program Committee.

Huckle joined BCBSND in 1986 as a work management specialist.  He also held the positions of supervisor of Medicare Part B Claims, supervisor of Blue Shield Claims, manager of Blue Cross Blue Shield Claims, assistant vice president and vice president of Development and Business Strategies, vice president of Human Resources and Development, executive vice president of Health Operations, and Chief Operating Officer.

Huckle represents BCBSND on the CoreLink Administrative Services board, a core claims operating technology company shared with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska. Before both were dissolved in 2014 and branded as Blue products, he also served as President and CEO of North Dakota Vision Services, a group vision insurance company, and as President and CEO of Dental Service Corporation of North Dakota, a group dental insurance company.

Other industry-related service includes serving as chairman of the National Employee Benefits Administration and as board member for Prime Therapeutics. Additionally, Huckle served as a co-chairman and board member of the Board of Managers for Regional Administrative Services, a seven state regional Medicare Advantage PDP and Part D Corporation, and the board of TriWest, the health insurance for United States Veterans and the Military community.

Current Community involvement includes serving as a Steering Committee member of the Valley Prosperity Partnership, and as a board member for North Dakota's state Chamber of Commerce,  the Greater North Dakota Association.

Huckle graduated from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, with a bachelor's degree in business administration.