A new structure for a new era of health care

To ensure we're bringing you the best options in a changing health care environment, we're implementing a significant change to our corporate structure. Effective Jan. 1, 2019, our parent company, previously known as Noridian Mutual Insurance Company, is a new nonprofit holding company known as HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings.

The change doesn't affect your insurance coverage, benefits or premiums in any way. Rather, it increases our flexibility to respond to market demands while retaining our status as a North Dakota-based nonprofit, member-governed organization.

A message from the board of directors

As the governing board of your health insurance company, our goal is to remain a strong, nonprofit, member-owned company in order to best serve you for years to come. This new structure:

  • Enables BCBSND to continue to develop innovative products while investing in tools that bring you value.
  • Enhances the ability to collaborate with similar health plans to create economies of scale without the threat of having to merge or be acquired.
  • Means BCBSND can improve affordability for you while expanding the range of products and services offered.

The new structure also supports prudent risk management, transferring several for-profit subsidiaries from under BCBSND to HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings. While these for-profit businesses are successful today, they can present additional risks and liabilities at times. By transferring these companies to HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings, we're further ensuring financial strength for you as member-owners of BCBSND.

Thank you for supporting the move with your votes at the 2018 annual meeting.