2011-12 Brand Campaign

Phase I:  Listening to Members

To hear directly from members, BCBSND:

  • Surveyed members statewide—responses poured in (almost 15,000)
  • Formed a member panel to give ongoing opinions and feedback
  • Solicited member opinion through social media outlets
  • President Paul von Ebers traveled across the state to meet and hear from members through seven Health Care Forums

Health Care Forums map

Collectively, we heard members say:

"Health care costs continue to go up.
I have higher insurance premiums and more copays, yet I get less service and less time with my doctor. I don't understand insurance or health care reform and I've lost trust.
I don't know what the solution is, but I expect BCBSND to help find one. I'm not sure they can…they'll have to prove it to me."

Phase II: Education to Satisfy Members' Need for Information

From questions, concerns and misperceptions raised at our Health Care Forums, we created:

Phase III: Demonstrating BOLD Initiatives and Leadership

To answer member requests to prove our solution initiatives, we created a testimonial-based brand campaign to demonstrate:

  • Success with innovative programs
  • Working with members and for members

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