Information for Dental Providers

We are committed to providing our members with the highest quality products and services at a competitive price and benefit level. To accomplish this, we realigned our dental products.

Dental Product Administration
BCBSND has partnered with United Concordia as the network provider for dental care. United Concordia is providing network management (provider contracting), claims administration and member/provider customer service. Our products continue to be Blue branded and we partner with United Concordia to develop and market dental products.

Dental Plan Overview
For more information on what the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Dental Plan has to offer, click on the link below.
United Concordia and BCBSND Partnership

United Concordia is the in-network provider for all dental care products. You will need to work with United Concordia to become a participating provider.

Medical-related dental benefits are continuing to be offered under BCBSND medical benefits.


United Concordia's Advantage Plus


United Concordia's Advantage Plus Maximum Allowable Charge

Customer Service

United Concordia - (844) 653-4056

Claim Submission

For electronic claim submission, use your United Concordia Payer ID.

Send commercial paper claims to: 
Dental Claims Administrator                   
P.O. Box 69446                                     
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9446                    

Send FEP paper claims to:
Dental Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 69401
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9401

ID Card

Members will carry a BCBSND ID card with a twelve-digit ID number

Benefit Information

Patient information such as benefits, enrollment, claim status, allowance information, maximums, deductibles and procedure history for these members will be available using the My Patients' Benefits feature of our website at

Accident Related Dental

Any dental service as a result of an accident should be submitted to BCBSND for processing, this includes all Student Accident benefits.


Dental Card Example
Dental card front and back