Enhancements for Employer Organizations

Your organization will transition to the new technology platform on your 2018-2019 BCBSND health plan anniversary/renewal date.

Beginning approximately eight weeks before your renewal, you'll start receiving materials to prepare your organization.

Because of the transition, you'll see some minimal changes in products and new administrators for dental and vision products. Your employees will also notice some differences several enhancements as they use our products and services.

Changes in Coverage

  • Products will remain as similar as possible to current offerings.
  • If your health plan is grandfathered, it will maintain that status.
  • Changes to your current products will be managed as they have in the past—as Summary Plan Description (SPD) language is updated.
  • Your marketing representative will work with you through the typical renewal process, as in the past.

Changes in Product Administration

If you offer dental coverage, you'll notice we've partnered with nationally-renowned United Concordia Dental (UCD) for broad access to dental care options. Depending on your benefits package, your dental coverage options may change.

If you offer vision coverage, Vision Service Plan (VSP) will now administer your benefits. Vision plans available to you may change.

Both dental and vision products will be blue-branded products, and BCBSND will continue to develop, price, market and assume risk for these products. The administrative partners mentioned above provide network management, claims administration, and member and provider customer service.

Support from us
For questions, please reach out to your marketing representative.