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  • March 2019

New employer portal—get a few tips and download the training guide

The new employer portal is a one-stop shop for managing your organization’s BCBSND coverage—enroll employees, access reports, pay your bill and more.

A recent enhancement automatically allows users who enroll employees to also access reports. Among them is the Census Report (instructions below).

Accessing the Census Report

On the main page navigation bar, choose REPORTS.

Request the Census Report and select the Census Report by group number. Choose “Run” and “View requested reports,” then download in either Excel or PDF formats.

To order a report by client number, please call 1-800-544-8467.

Setting Billing Notifications

If you have access to the billing portal and want to engage/disengage notifications, log in to the portal, choose Billing/Preferences/Notifications, then indicate your preferences.

Download Training Guide

Learn about all you can do in the portal in the downloadable training guide.

If you need portal assistance, contact our Portals team at 1-800-544-8467 or portals@bcbsnd.com.