Coaching and advice

We all need a little support and guidance in living a healthy life. HealthyBlue puts a health coach and advocate in the palm of users' hands. Available from the online Member Services portal

Digital Health Assistant

The Digital Health Assistant asks, "What do you want to do? Eat better? Feel happier? Stop smoking? Lose weight?" HealthyBlue helps users develop goal-achieving habits that stick. By setting small, attainable goals, the Digital Health Assistant keeps users engaged and motivated to make progress—ultimately achieving health success easier and faster.

Pregnancy Assistant

Pregnancy Assistant helps parents-to-be prepare for and enjoy a healthy pregnancy with fun features, engaging tools and trusted health information. In addition to medical data, it allows expectant mothers to capture thoughts, feelings and memories in a journal, then export it all by email to cherish later.

Health and Well-being Coaching

With different types of coaching, every user will find a program that suits them.

Lifestyle coaching addresses everything from stress management to better nutrition, guiding users through the basics of a life focused on health and well-being.

Three specialty coaching programs—Condition Management, Tobacco Cessation and Weight Management—target specific health needs in greater detail. Participants can find new ways to explore well-being while managing diabetes, heart failure, asthma, coronary artery disease and COPD. With coaching, everyone can take the steps that promote their best selves.

Coaches have extensive education, training and certification. Their expert guidance and advice can be fully trusted. Available via phone, video, secure messaging or on-site to meet everyone's unique program needs, coaching is convenient, confidential and effective.