Wellness Benefits Adapted for COVID-19

As the pandemic continues, we’re continuing with the adapted versions of these popular wellness programs:

LearntoLive logo

Online mental health support

Learn to Live is a confidential, step-by-step online program temporarily available to BCBSND members at no charge. From the privacy of your own home, you can get help with:

  • Social anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress, anxiety and worry
  • Insomnia
  • Substance abuse
  • And more

How to access

  1. Go to the Learn to Live website
  2. Enter your code
    • Enter code BCBSNDFI if you purchase coverage directly from BCBSND, or you have employer-sponsored coverage that is fully insured.
    • Enter code BCBSNDSI if your BCBSND coverage is through a self-funded employer plan.
  3. Take the confidential assessment

SilverSneakers logo

Alternative exercise options for seniors

At-home fitness options are being offered by our partner, Tivity, including livestream classes, guided walks, broadcasts of live events, live instructor-led events in open places, and more. Tivity is communicating directly with affected members on how to access alternative programming.

How to access
Our partner, Tivity is communicating directly with affected members on how to access the enhanced Silver Sneakers offering. 

HealthClub Credit logo

Credits for online fitness classes

Members who participate in the Health Club Credit program can now participate in live, instructor-led interactive virtual classes rather than visit a gym.

How to access

1. To receive Health Club Credits for a virtual class, log into Online Member Services
2. Click on the HealthyBlue icon.

*Forgot your Online Member Services login? Reset it here.

HealthBlue logo

Exercise options with the gym

Earn your 2021 Health Club Credits by tracking your physical activity on HealthyBlue each time you work out. You’ll have this option throughout the 2021 Health Club Credit program year (January-September).

How to access

Track physical activity in the HealthyBlue app.

1. To track daily physical activity, log in to HealthyBlue by going to Online Member Services.*
2. Click on the HealthyBlue Home icon.

*Forgot your Online Member Services login? Reset it here.