Employee Spotlight: Holly Buys

BCBSND sales executive Holly Buys (right) at a local United Way fundraiser.

Above: BCBSND sales executive Holly Buys (right) at a local United Way fundraiser. Pictured left to right: Kayla Wilson (Manger Insurance and board member of the Basin United Way), Claire Alley (Azurance), Samantha Hostetler (Azurance) and Holly Buys.

In this employee spotlight, we feature Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) sales executive Holly Buys.

What brought her to Blue
Holly and her husband moved to Williston, North Dakota from Billings, Montana after her husband took a job offer in the area. Coming from six years of working for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Holly was excited to see an opening at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. She applied right away and got the job thanks to her previous experience and can-do attitude.

The skills she brings to Blue
Working in the insurance industry since 1992, Holly first got her license as an account executive selling home, auto, health and life insurance. 

“I've done everything from claims processing for a third party administrator to selling home and auto insurance.  So, I feel like I've dabbled in a little bit of all of the areas,” shared Holly. 

Holly often had to facilitate large presentations, making public speaking and presenting two skills she had to put her fears aside to master. What helped her move forward was remembering the cause and reminding herself that she’s there for a good reason – to help her audience get the most out of our benefits package.

A typical day at Blue
As a sales executive, Holly wears many hats saying, “No two days look the same. You never know if you’ll have a client waiting at the door or if you’ll have a new member wanting to sign up, but I really enjoy the challenge that it brings.”

What Holly likes best about #LifeAtNDBlue
At the Williston District Office, there are a lot of visitors and clients stopping by to learn more about Blue. Holly enjoys the support of her coworkers and the work they do in Williston. She also likes the opportunities that await in the surrounding area as new and existing business grow and look for insurance plans saying, “I love what I get to do for work. I get to go out and meet new people and help them put something in place for them and their employees.”

What she hopes to take away from Blue
Holly noted a couple of things she is taking away from Blue. The first is getting involved in the community. She currently serves as an ambassador for the Williston Chamber of Commerce. As ambassador, Holly enjoys going to the many ribbon cuttings and business after hours to meet the members of her community.

The second takeaway is adopting healthy habits and behaviors. One of the things she’s really going to focus on this summer is taking time off to unplug and enjoy time with her husband. 

“My husband and I love to camp and travel to new places. I think we're just going to take our camper and do some exploring this summer,” shared Holly. 

What will you bring to Blue? 
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