BCBSND and ND Department of Health sponsor 2021 Worksite Wellness Summit

This year’s virtual event comes at a reflective time for individuals and organizations.

Timing couldn’t be any better for the BCBSND 2021 Worksite Wellness Summit. Many across the state are heading back to the office with a renewed focus on what it means to prioritize well-being.

This year’s free event, which will take place online Thursday, Sept. 16, is a collaborative effort between Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Health. It promises valuable information for HR professionals, business managers, health care or wellness professionals, and anyone interested in building a healthier workplace.

In addition to getting wellness tips and resources to last the rest of the year, the first 225 registered attendees will be sent a free copy of keynote speaker Ron Friedman’s book “Decoding Greatness: How the Best in the World Reverse Engineer Success” after the event.

Success, Blue Zones in focus at Worksite Wellness 2021

Dr. Ron Friedman, the award-winning psychologist, whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Guardian, will deliver a talk called “The Hidden Path to Greatness: The Ultimate Formula for Breakthrough Learning and Creativity.” In it, he will dispel the myth that success can only be achieved through either talent or practice.

Dan Buettner Jr., meanwhile, will lead attendees on a journey to Blue Zones—nine global longevity hot spots. Dan, son of Blue Zones author and founder Dan Buettner Sr., will explore what we can learn from Blue Zones and how we can apply these lessons to communities and worksites in North Dakota.

Dan’s Blue Zones colleague Nick Buettner will connect the dots by exploring how we can put global wellness lessons into play in our own modern offices. His talk, titled “Applying Longevity Lessons to Bring Health and Happiness to Work,” will lead right into a Q&A session with the speakers.

Register now for the Worksite Wellness Summit 2021

The Worksite Wellness Summit 2021 will take place on:

Thursday, Sept. 16 from 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Those interested in attending are urged to register early for this free, virtual event.

Register now for the 2021 Worksite Wellness Summit.