Members, employees experience COVID-19 testing billing error


Recently, we learned that some members or their family members received an automated Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement and/or a reimbursement check from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) for one or more COVID-19 tests completed at a free saliva testing site in Minnesota.


The Minnesota Department of Health contracted with Vault Health and Infinity Biologix to perform COVID-19 testing throughout Minnesota. The COVID-19 test(s) received at this location are covered. Members are not responsible for any amount owed for these tests, contrary to what may be indicated on their EOB.

We work closely with our providers, public health units and other state officials to ensure those who need access to COVID-19 tests can receive them, free of charge. Unfortunately, this situation was the result of a complicated billing error between several parties. We are working hard to ensure it does not occur in the future.

Next steps

  • If you haven't cashed the check: Please destroy the check as we have stopped payment on all checks. Do not try to cash it as it may result in a service charge or fee from your bank.
  • If you've already cashed the check: Please reimburse BCBSND. You will receive a follow-up Refund Notice letter with instructions on how to submit your reimbursement.
  • If you've already sent a personal check or other form of personal payment to Vault Health of Infinity Biologix: They will reimburse you for the amount you've paid.
  • If you sent your check from BCBSND to Vault Health or Infinity Biologix as payment for a COVID-19 test: Vault may send your check back, in which case, please destroy it. If they accept the BCBSND check as payment, we will work out reimbursement back to BCBSND directly with them.
  • As we correct these claims, including an adjustment to your health plan's deductible, you may see additional EOB statements. They will explain how the COVID-19 test is being re-processed, resulting in no charge to you.


Please call Member Services at 844-363-8457 for any questions you have. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this billing error has caused.

We know you have many choices in coverage. We thank you for your membership and wish you good health.