Parents naturally seek a doctor’s care when their children are sick or injured. However, it’s not as intuitive to visit the clinic when your kids are healthy. That’s especially the case in North Dakota.

In comparison with national benchmarks, North Dakota falls below average in preventive well child visits. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota collaborated with the North Dakota Department of Health and public and private health care organizations to change that.

The statewide, multiorganizational group has been working together to help raise awareness and create partnerships that encourage families to participate in well child visits. The efforts are moving the needle. During the one-year period measured, well child visits increased 7.5% for kids 10-15 months old and 5.3% for kids 3-6 years old.

Why see kids when they're healthy?
Why the push to see children when they’re healthy? The benefits of preventive care are many.

In the near term, well child visits help children live their best lives. When pediatricians are familiar with a child, they can more effectively track developmental milestones, give advice and recognize potential problems before they occur.

Collectively, prevention helps curb the rapidly rising costs of health care, which just makes sense. When our states’ children have fewer health problems, we all have fewer costs.

Well child visits included in BCBSND coverage
Age appropriate well child visits are included in BCBSND plans at no cost. See the American Academy of Pediatrics‘ schedule for well child visits.