• June 15, 2023

Additional Medical Policies Available Updates

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) has added two additional medical policies that have been revised for July 1, 2023. Our commitment is to update the provider community as medical policies are adopted and/or revised. Benefit determinations are made based on the medical policy in effect at the time of service. 

The following medical policies were reviewed by the Internal Medical Policy Committee on May 23, 2023. To review our medical policy changes, visit our BCBSND website under medical policies

The following medical policies were revised: 

  • Corneal Topography/Computer-Assisted Corneal Topography/Photokeratoscopy 
    • Change Not Medically Necessary reject to Experimental/Investigational 
  • Chemodenervation with Botulinum Toxin 
    • Previously for TMJ, Botox was considered E/I. Effective 7/1/2023 it will be considered E/I again 
    • Removed criteria for temporomandibular joint disorder, chronic in adult individuals, for J0585 
    • Removed diagnosis codes M26.601, M26.602, M26.603, M26.609 and M26.69 

Contact the Provider Services phone number on the back of the BCBSND member ID card.