ANSI Code C0252

With the new Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) claims processing system, the use of the ANSI reject code CO252 has caused some confusion that BCBSND would like to clarify. CO252 advises that the claim will be reconsidered when additional claim information is received. If you receive a claim reject that has this reject code, your next step will be to review each line of the claim. The lines that have rejected CO252 are not the primary reason for the reject. Look for other reject codes to determine what needs to be corrected on the claim. For example, you may see another reject reason such as “HCPC code modifier is not valid.” That other reject will be the one (or ones if there are multiple others) that you will want to correct. The presence of a non-CO252 reject code on one or more lines of a claim will cause all other lines of the claim to reject CO252, and until the other information is corrected, the entire claim will not process. Providers should correct those line(s) and submit a new claim.