Anthem Payments Issued Directly to BCBSND Providers In Error

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) would like to make providers aware of a payment error that was made on Anthem member claims. For claims on these members processed from 7/22/2019-7/26/2019 (including all claim types), Anthem inadvertently paid BCBSND providers directly in addition to BCBSND also paying. Thus providers received two payments, one from BCBSND and one erroneously from Anthem. Anthem has corrected this error which means affected BCBSND providers will notice one of the following regarding their Anthem payment:

  • All Virtual Cards will be blocked by Anthem’s credit card vendor
  • EFTs will be reversed/retracted
  • Stop payment was issued on checks which were mailed
  • Provider Remittance when dollars were applied to member co-insurance

For providers needing to request reimbursement of bank fees incurred by this issue, Anthem asks that they email documentation to