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Availity is retiring support of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

Which Availity products are affected?
All Availity products except the RCM Advanced Claims Editing (ACE) tool 

Why are we retiring support?

  • Microsoft is removing support: Microsoft is recommending that customers move from IE11 to Edge and is removing support within their own Microsoft 365 applications in August. The Internet Explorer desktop application support will be retired on June 15, 2022, for Windows 10 users. Availity has chosen to get ahead of the full retirement date to minimize security risks and take advantage of the superiority of other browsers.
  • Innovation: Removing the requirement of IE11 support introduces a whole new, modern landscape of tools that will help Availity promote greater efficiency and speed to market.
  • Low barriers to switch browsers: All operating systems that are supported by Microsoft now contain Edge. Chrome and Firefox are available to be downloaded by most of our user base. Those who cannot download, will have a 60-day window notice in which to contact their IT professional for assistance.

How does this affect users of the Availity Portal?
Users may still log in to the Availity Portal using IE11. We understand that some of our provider users do not have the autonomy to upgrade their desktop browser, so we will not stop them from logging in. When users accessing the portal using IE11, Availity will display a modal window upon login to recommend that the user switch browsers for a better experience. They will still be able to access the portal using IE11 for the foreseeable future, but as new applications are gradually introduced, they may not perform well inside IE11. If a user calls Availity Client Services (ACS) with an issue, the user will be advised to switch browsers before further troubleshooting can be effectively performed.

What is Availity's plan to communicate this change to providers?

Effective June 16, users will see a modal window upon every login if they are using IE11. This modal will stay in place indefinitely, nudging users to switch browsers. This gives users a 60-day window to switch and be unaffected.

  • At the end of June, Customer Communications will begin posting carousel ads and News and Announcements to the portal homepage on a bi-monthly basis. The closer we get to August 21st, the ads will increase in urgency and link to relevant learning aids for users who want to learn more or who require additional support.
  • In July, email notices will be sent to integrated RCM clients.
  • In early August, leading up to the 21st, targeted notifications and emails will be sent to those users who have not yet switched.
  • Starting August 21, IE11 will no longer be supported. This means that no further quality assurance using IE11 will be conducted on Availity applications. Quality assurance will focus on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. Implementation documentation and in-app help documentation will no longer reflect IE11 as a supported browser.

Questions? Please contact UX@availity.com