Behavioral Health Case Management

Behavioral Health Case Management is available to all members at no additional cost. It is a voluntary service providing assessment and care coordination for members telephonically. The case management team is comprised of both registered nurses and a Licensed Masters Social Worker. Case Management works with the member, their support systems and health care delivery systems to utilize the benefits available through the member’s health plan as well as access community resources. Case managers will assist the member to identify long-term and short-term health goals that are member centric and driven based on each individual member’s needs.

Case Management’s goal is to guide the member through the complexities of the healthcare system and their insurance benefits in order to meet their personalized healthcare needs wherever they are at in their recovery process. We strive to empower members to make healthy choices and achieve their optimal health goals, while supporting providers with transition of care plans and locating outside education and resources. If you have a member you would like to refer to our program or have any additional questions, please contact the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Case Management department at 1-800-336-2488 and request to speak with a behavioral health case manager.