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Claim Correction Notice

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is informing providers of the claim correction process. Effective June 1, 2021, BCBSND will not accept paper claim corrections from providers whose original claim was submitted electronically. The providers claim will be rejected with the information indicating, "Electronically enabled providers should file claim corrections electronically. Please submit this claim correction via the Availity Provider Portal. For assistance, please contact Availity Support at 1-800-282-4548."
For more information on our claim correction process, visit our Provider Manual located on the BCBSND Provider Website.
All providers, their staff and billing agents are encouraged to register for the Availity Provider Portal. Availity is a one-stop, secure BCBSND provider portal, making it easy to submit and manage claims online. Registered Users can save time and money by submitting and correcting claims online.
Whether you are new to Availity or a current user, the Availity Provider Portal offers a training center. Users can access "Payer Spaces" from the menu bar, which offers a wealth of information through a series of self-paced, on-demand tutorials. Users can also find access to additional resources, news and announcements.

Additional Availity Questions:

  • Contact Availity Support Services at 1-800-282-4548, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST 
  • Availity website: https://www.availity.com

Legacy Claim Corrections
The legacy claim correction form is no longer available  on our website for claim corrections for services prior to July 1, 2018. Providers should contact our Provider Contact Center at 1-800-368-2312 to obtain the professional or institutional claim adjustment form that allows cliams to be corrected past the original timely filing allowance.