Coding and Reimbursement Policies Available Online

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota regularly develops and revises coding and reimbursement policies in response to rapidly changing medical technology and updates to the coding sets. Our commitment is to update the provider community as coding and reimbursement policies are adopted and/or revised.

The following coding and reimbursement policies have been added or revised:

  • Multiple Endoscopies
  • Accommodative Intraocular Lenses After Cataract Removal
  • Psychiatric Collaborative Care Reimbursement
  • Assistant at Surgery
  • Medical Care and Associated Services
  • Modifier 52 & 53
  • Modifier 54, 55, & 56
  • Multiple Endoscopies
  • Multiple Surgeries
  • Reductions for Qualified Healthcare Provider’s (QHP) Allowed Amount

HealthCare News Blast | September 5, 2019