Coding and Reimbursement Policy Updates

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota continually develops and revises coding and reimbursement policies and resources in response to rapidly changing medical technology and updates to the coding sets. Our commitment is to update the provider community as coding and reimbursement policies are adopted and/or revised. These updates apply to both BCBSND Commercial and Medicaid Expansion plans.

The following coding and billing policy became effective 5/15/2023: 

  • Inappropriate Diagnosis Codes  
    • This policy was created with the intended purpose of assisting our providers with their selection of appropriate diagnosis codes to put on a claim. This may help prevent claim rejections for the use of an inappropriate primary diagnosis code and other diagnosis code related rejections.  

The following coding and billing policy has had information added and/or revised:   

Information was added to this policy regarding Medicaid’s requirement for providers to append modifier 76 to any subsequent ambulance services when a Medicaid patient is transported multiple times on a single date of service.