COVID-19 Provider Updates

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) received several inquiries about COVID-19 related CPT® codes and DME supply limitations and coverage. To keep our providers informed we want to share the following information:

  • New CPT® 99072 (Additional supplies, materials, and clinical staff time over and above those usually included in an office visit or other non-facility service(s), when performed during a Public Health Emergency as defined by law, due to respiratory-transmitted infectious disease) is allowed when billed with an office visit or other non-facility services. Append one of the COVID-19 modifiers (CR, CS or 32), when appropriate, and the service will process based on member benefits.
  • Lab panel CPT® 87631 (Multiplex Nucleic Acid Amplified Tests for Respiratory Viral Panel) is appropriate to bill if it meets the criteria components of the code and the eviCore medical policy. If the service is performed as part of COVID-19 testing, providers must append one of the COVID-19 modifiers (CR, CS or 32).
  • DME requests for additional supplies outside the normal quantity and frequency limits during the COVID-19 emergency are updated to allow members up to an additional 90-day supply through local or mail-order suppliers.

As a reminder, all services are reviewed based on medical necessity and appropriateness and are not guaranteed for payment. For additional information in regards to changes and updates to COVID-19 related items, please visit our website for the latest updates.