COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendations

North Dakotans take pride in their families. We can encourage them to receive a COVID-19 vaccine by highlighting the importance of keeping their families safe. While adults have been eligible for a while, studies show the need for children, age 12 and up, to be vaccinated for our nation to move forward out of the COVID-19 pandemic safely.

In addition to messages of safety and effectiveness backed by statistics, parents will understand the need to minimize disruptions like distance learning in their child’s routine. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is dedicated to improving access to the vaccines. Therefore, the organization is eliminating member cost sharing and deductibles for those who wish to be vaccinated. We recommend vaccination for all North Dakotans aged 12 and up—even if they’ve already had COVID-19.

For more provider resources, visit the COVID-19 Resource Center.