COVID-19 Vaccines—Our Investment in Public Health

COVID-19 vaccination is an investment in our individual and collective futures. While social distancing, maskwearing and handwashing have helped us, vaccines offer a long-term solution for a safe return to normal.

BCBSND is ensuring members who want the COVID-19 vaccine have access to it. One means of increasing access is by covering vaccination costs. U.S. taxpayer dollars are funding the vaccine itself, and BCBSND is covering the costs of administration.

A Safe Return to Normal

As we inch closer to business as usual, those of us in the medical field continue to stress the importance of safely reaching herd immunity. That occurs when most people, about 70-85%, become immune to the virus. The safest way to achieve herd immunity is through immunization.

We are recommending vaccination for all North Dakotans – even if they’ve already had COVID-19.

For more provider resources, visit the COVID-19 Resource Center.