Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Groups (EAPG)

Providers requesting to move to EAPGs on October 1, 2021 will need to provide notice via email request to FeeSchedules@bcbsnd.com by September 1, 2021. If a provider does not go onto the EAPG system on  October 1, 2021 and wishes to move to the EAPG system during the 2021-2022 Fee Schedule period, the ability to move to the EAPG system will be done on a quarterly basis. We highly encourage providers to give  the EAPG system serious consideration and submit any questions to your business partner or email FeeSchedules@bcbsnd.com.

To move to the EAPG system, providers will need to provide notice, via email to FeeSchedules@bcbsnd.com by the first day of the month preceding the start of the quarter in which they want to move to the EAPG system, for example – September 1, 2021 for a start date of October 1, 2021; December 1, 2021 for a start date of January 1, 2022 or March 1, 2022 for a start date of  April 1, 2022.