HealthCare News Relocated

HealthCare News (HCN) articles have now been relocated to a new hosting site, outside of the THOR Bulletin Board. As part of the transformation process we have reviewed all published HCN articles to determine applicability in the new EHS platform. As such, the articles are sorted into three different folders on the new site:

  1. Non-Migrated Members: HCN articles that would be applicable to our legacy system.
  2. Migrated Members: HCN articles that would be applicable in our new EHS platform.
  3. Archived: HCN articles that are either not applicable or were published years ago and may need to be referenced on rare occasions.

Articles that are applicable to both systems will be in both Non-Migrated Members and Migrated Members folders.

Search options have changed for HCN. Once you click on the appropriate folder, you will have the option to sort or CTRL + F for keywords (CTRL + F will not search text within the documents; it will search the titles and keywords). There is also a combined PDF document within each folder where all articles from that folder have been rolled into one document for your searching convenience.