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Our member call center is coming back online after experiencing technical difficulties, which may cause delays. Thank you for your patience.

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July 2021 Fee Schedule Notice

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) posted updated 2021 professional and intuitional fee schedules. The fee schedules are available for download on BCBSND’s Online Fee Schedule Portal. The fee schedules are effective July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022.

The portal for the online fee schedule requires activity every 120 days. If an account is inactive for more than 120 days, the account will be disabled. If your account is disabled due to inactivity, please contact Support Services at 1-800-544-8467 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CT) or by email at portals@bcbsnd.com.

If you do not have an account and would like to access to BCBSND’s fee schedules, please visit  www.bcbsnd.com/FeeSchedules.

For questions regarding fee schedules, please email FeeSchedules@bcbsnd.com.