Medicaid Expansion Call Center and Availity Unavailable

Call Center

The Medicaid Expansion call center, which handles member and provider calls, is experiencing a network outage. This means the IVR is also unavailable and providers are unable to use this function to check eligibility and benefits.


Providers are currently unable to complete any transactions in Availity for Medicaid Expansion members. At this time, there is not an alternate way for providers to check eligibility and benefits with the Call Center unavailable and the IVR down. Precertification requests can be submitted by fax using the inpatient and outpatient authorization request forms.

The commercial Provider Service line is unable to answer questions pertaining to Medicaid Expansion membership and claims. As a result of the issues, the Provider Service line has received a large influx in calls and will be shutting down the call center for the remainder of the day.

We are actively working to resolve both issues and will provide an update upon resolution.