Medical Policies Available September Online

BCBSND regularly develops and revises medical policies in response to rapidly changing medical technology. Our commitment is to update the provider community as medical policies are adopted and/or revised. Benefit determinations are made based on the medical policy in effect at the time of service.

The following medical policies were reviewed by the Internal Medical Policy Committee on July 22, 2021 and are updated on our website. To review our medical policies, visit our BCBSND website under medical policies.

The following medical policies are new:

The following medical policies were revised:

Comprehensive outpatient PR programs may include team assessment, individual training, psychosocial intervention, exercise training and follow-up. PR program length may be considered medically necessary for up to 18 sessions, depending on program and may include the following:

The following medical policies are consent policies:

The following medical policies had coding changes: