Medical Records Reminder

As a reminder, medical records should only be sent in when requested by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND). If medical records are needed to process a claim, BCBSND will send a letter out specifically requesting these records. The new BCBSND claims platform has gained processing automation related to letters that are sent asking for information/medical records. The letters each contain a unique barcode that ties the letter to the member’s individual claim/case so when the letter is returned, the system will automatically know which claim it is related to.

If BCBSND has requested records, make sure to include this original BCBSND letter as your cover sheet so it is clear why the records are being sent. Most of the records that are received do not have this cover sheet which increases processing time. For your reference, an example of the Medical Records Request letter is included below.

Medical Records

If you are unable to locate your Medical Records Request letter when mailing the records to BCBSND, you may also use the Medical Records Submission Form located here. When using this form, be sure to include the claim number that the records pertain to.