Member ID Card Reminder

As the transition to the new HMHS platform is nearing completion, providers are reminded to verify member ID cards and ensure they use the Unique Member Identifier (UMI) exactly as it is displayed on the member ID card. Beginning January 1, 2019 all members will be migrated to the new system and providers should look for a 12-digit UMI on the ID card (the 12 digits don’t include the prefix). There are a few exceptions to the 12-digit UMI and in these cases, providers should still enter the UMI exactly as shown on the ID, recognizing the value will not equal 12 digits:

  • FEP: FEP members did not receive new ID cards as part of the system transition. The UMI will be 8 digits (9 including the R).
  • Medicare Supplement: For those with this plan (identified with the YQW prefix), the UMI will be 13 digits as it includes a letter at the end of the UMI. The letter is considered part of the UMI so must be included on claims.
  • Out of State BCBS Plans: No changes as these are handled by the Out of State BCBS Plan.