New CPT codes for Orthopoxvirus and Monkeypox Testing and Immunizations

Applies to both lines of Business

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is informing providers that we are recognizing the CPT codes for the Orthopoxvirus and Monkeypox testing and immunizations effective July 26, 2022. Refer to the AMA website for additional information.

New CPT codes:

  • 87593 Infectious agent detection by nucleic acid (DNA or RNA); orthopoxvirus (e.g., monkeypox virus, cowpox virus, vaccinia virus), amplified probe technique, each
  • 90622 Vaccinia (smallpox) virus vaccine, live, lyophilized, 0.3 mL dosage, for percutaneous use
  • 90611 Smallpox and monkeypox vaccine, attenuated vaccinia virus, live, non-replicating, preservative free, 0.5 mL dosage, suspension, for subcutaneous use

If you have filed a claim prior to August 7, 2022 and received a denial, please resubmit a new claim. For additional questions contact our BCBSND Provider Service Center at 1-800-368-2312 or BCBSND Medicaid Expansion Provider Service Center at 1-833-777-5779.