NextBlue of North Dakota Medicare Advantage News

NextBlue of North Dakota plans combine traditional Medicare Part A and B coverage along with many extra benefits not covered by traditional Medicare. Most plans also include prescription drug coverage (Part D), in one comprehensive, easy-to-use plan made specifically for North Dakotans.

NextBlue President Beth West said, "Our plan is for continued expansion and growth, with the ultimate goal of offering valuable Medicare Advantage plans, and I’m excited to announce the following updates.”

NextBlue updates:

  1. Expanded Coverage Area - NextBlue Medicare Advantage plans will be available to seniors in 52 of 53 counties across North Dakota beginning in January 2023. For more information, go to Press Releases | BCBSND.
  2. Freedom Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan - The new Freedom PPO plan launches in 2023 and is designed for veterans in North Dakota. Veterans will be able to combine their Medicare Parts A and B together with additional benefits. For more information, go to Press Releases | BCBSND.

  3. Star Ratings - NextBlue of North Dakota received a 4.5-Star rating (out of five) for its Medicare Advantage (MA) plan in its first eligible year to receive the important, independent rating. For more information, go to Press Releases | BCBSND.