Payment for Administering Additional Doses of mRNA Vaccines

The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for immunocompromised individuals to receive an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose. The EUA applies to fully vaccinated immunocompromised individuals. Immunocompromised individuals may receive a third dose of either the Pfizer or the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, according to the FDA recommendations (the EUA does not cover individuals who initially received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine). Blue Cross Blue Shield North Dakota (BCBSND) is covering the additional dose as of August 12, 2021.

BCBSND advises providers to use the following administration CPT codes for the third dose:

  • 0003A Pfizer 
  • 0013A Moderna

For all COVID-19 Billing and Coding Guidelines visit our BCBSND Provider webpage.