Payment Integrity Retrospective Claims Accuracy (RCA) Implementation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) has implemented the next phase of our enhanced payment integrity program, Retrospective Claims Accuracy (RCA) for Fully Insured, BlueCard and Medicaid Expansion.

Initial RCA reviews include a nine-month lookback period based on paid date. Providers will start receiving Overpayment Notice letters over the next week. These letters come directly from Cotiviti; but are co-branded with the BCBSND and Cotiviti logos. Providers must respond to the Overpayment Notice within 45 days of the letter date.

Check out the RCA Education on Demand.

If you have any specific questions to the program, please contact BCBSND Provider services at 800-363-2312. If you have questions on RCA, please contact Cotiviti at 203-529-4199.