Provider Experience Survey Update

We heard you! A big thank you to all of the people who took our Provider Experience Survey this fall—over 150 of you responded. Because of the feedback you provided, we have a clear vision of what we can improve on and what you’d like to see from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota in the future.

The three common themes of your feedback were the Customer Contact Center, Availity and claims payment. As a direct result of your survey feedback, our internal teams are working hard to make improvements.

Our Customer Contact Center is continuing to work on appropriate staffing to bring down our hold times and help our members and providers in a more timely manner. We appreciate your continued patience as we work to train these new team members.

New functionalities are rolling out in the Availity Provider Portal to allow providers more options for self-service. Starting on December 16, 2019, providers will be able to submit precertification requests electronically through the Availity Provider Portal. In Quarter 1 of 2020, providers can look forward to new functionality within the Availity Portal’s Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry application. The update will give providers the option to look up a member using only patient name and date of birth, no longer requiring the member ID number as a required field. We’ll continue to update you as these functions near completion. In the meantime, thank you again for your helpful feedback!