Remittance Files Updated Due to Branding

Providers may notice an increase in the number of remittance files/payments received due to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) recently updating its branding. There can be up to 4 types of remittance files per payment cycle, as indicated below. Previously there were 2, one for BCBSND and one for the Federal Employees Plan (FEP).

  • BCBSND is BCBSND only
  • Dakota Health Plan (DHP) is co-branded DHP
    and BCBSND
  • CHAND is be being branded CHAND only
  • FEP is being branded FEP only

Other things to keep in mind with the remittance:

  • The Payer ID provided on electronic remittance advice files will remain the same and will still reflect Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota as the payer.
  • Overpayment recoveries are reported back to providers on their FEP and non-FEP remittances.