System Update Notification COVID-19 Vaccination Age Requirements

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is informing providers of a system update completed for COVID-19 vaccination age specifications. Prior to this change, claims may have hit against front-end edits for not meeting the current procedural terminology (CPT) age requirements in error, example CPT 91313. Due to the rejection being on the front end, please resubmit any claim(s) to BCBSND for processing. This may have impacted claims for dates of service prior to January 19, 2023.

Please continue to utilize the proper CPT code and billing guidelines for the vaccine being billed. Payment Integrity Program editing will still apply if claim(s) are billed for services outside of the age requirements on the specific CPT code.

Contact the Customer Contact Center phone number on the back of the members ID card.