WISDOM Study participants needed to help revolutionize breast cancer screening

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) encourages eligible members to take part in the Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of Risk (WISDOM) study. Participants receive personalized breast cancer screening recommendations at no cost.

The study aims to revolutionize breast cancer screening by finding out if personalized breast screening improves detection while reducing over-diagnosis and false positive readings. In collaboration with the University of California Athena Breast Health Network, researchers engage up to 100,000 women and their doctors across the country.

They compare the effectiveness of personalized screening protocols based on individual risks, such as genetic makeup and family history, to annual screening. BCBSND covers costs of services members receive through the study, with no cost sharing or impact to preventive benefit accumulations.

Services available to participants include an initial risk assessment, followed by an annual risk assessment for the next five years. Some study participants may receive genetic testing and genetic counseling, if deemed beneficial. Based on a member's risk assessment, the participant will receive a breast cancer screening frequency recommendation that they can discuss with their primary care provider.

Find out how patients can participate at thewisdomstudy.org.