Foundations of BlueAlliance

BlueAlliance builds on the success of our first PCMH, which piloted in 2005. With a strong focus on prevention, the program incorporates:

MediQHome—the predecessor to BlueAlliance

What began in 2005 as an experimental pilot program focused on diabetes control grew into a statewide PCMH known as MediQHome.

MediQHome demonstrated how providers and payers can work together to achieve and sustain high-performance health care for specific conditions.


  • Addressed select chronic conditions
  • Offered preventive screening for prevalent conditions
  • Supported care coordination by paying care management fees
  • Data platform to support PCMH
    • Identified care gaps at individual- and clinic-level
    • Acted as a data registry for clinics without electronic medical records (EMR)

BlueAlliance—the next generation of PCMH

Building on the success of the PCMH, BlueAlliance expands the scope to include not only chronic disease management but also a focus on prevention.


  • Aligned with updated national industry standards
  • Impacts a broader range of patients—all attributed BCBSND members
  • Integrates behavioral health
  • New data analytics
    • Provides comprehensive information from industry-leading partner
    • Claims-based analysis to support population health efforts
  • Supports the new PCMH standards
    • Total population health
    • Prevention
    • Chronic disease management
  • Flexible contracting and reimbursement options