8 preventive services for women no longer need copay or coinsurance

August 1, 2012 Denise Pinkney

Preventive services can help you stay healthy by finding conditions in the early stages, when they are often most treatable. That's one reason Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota has offered preventive services throughout the years, many with no copay or coinsurance.

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Getting preventive services can enhance your health.

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, the list of preventive services covered at 100 percent has grown. And starting August 1, eight more preventative services for women have been added based on the recommendation from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

But what does all this mean to you?

All health insurers, including BCBSND, will eliminate copays and coinsurance for these eight preventive services for members on new insurance plans. If you have coverage through a non-grandfathered plan, you may need to wait until your plan's next renewal date.

And for those who are covered through grandfathered plans (a health plan that existed before health care reform was passed), your health plan may not be affected at all. That's because the ACA doesn't require grandfathered plans to offer the provisions.

You won't have to pay a copay or coinsurance for the following services if your plan is not grandfathered: 

  • Well-woman visits
  • Screening for gestational diabetes
  • Human Papillomavirus testing
  • Counseling for sexually transmitted infections
  • Counseling and screening for human immune-deficiency virus (HIV)
  • Contraceptive methods and counseling
  • Lactation counseling and breast pumps 
  • Screening and counseling for interpersonal and domestic violence

While members will not have to pay for these preventive services, unfortunately these added services do increase costs for insurance companies. As a result, premiums may increase to help cover the extra cost of preventive services mandated by health care reform.

Find out if your plan will offer these services at no cost

If you're not sure whether you are on a grandfathered or non-grandfathered plan, feel free to call Member Services at the telephone number on the back of you member ID card.

Certain organizations or groups may qualify for a religious employer exemption from contraceptive services requirements or a temporary enforcement safe harbor from the requirement to provide contraceptive coverage. You can check with your employer to see if this affects you.