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BlueAlliance: How patient-focused care benefits you

April 12, 2017 Rhonda Ubben

Through our BlueAlliance program, BCBSND hopes to keep the focus on you. It sounds good, right? But what is BlueAlliance and patient-focused care and how does it benefit you?

Patient-focused care is when BCBSND team up with health care providers to help you become more informed about where your health care money goes. We also make sure you get more coordinated, higher-quality medical care.

In fact, you may not hear the terms BlueAlliance or patient-focused care, but you may see some differences as your primary care provider takes a more active role in managing your health.

Patient-focused care also helps:

  • Proactively prevent and manage common conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Advance higher screening rates for colon cancer, breast cancer and other conditions.
  • Avoid unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital admissions and readmissions to save everyone money.
  • Provide comprehensive, reliable information about doctors, hospitals, treatments and costs for the best care at the best price.

How does BlueAlliance work?
BCBSND created BlueAlliance with ongoing input from North Dakota providers. Prior to BlueAlliance, BCBSND joined the rest of the nation in making health care payments based on the volume of care given to patients. Paying for care this way contributes to unnecessary medical testing and treatment without improving health.

Through Blue Alliance, BCBSND partners with providers to create value for members, providers, employers and BCBSND.

With providers' medical expertise, and our health data insights and member program information, we're driving up health—not costs, and placing rewards on health outcomes —not volume. The result is quality, sustainable health care across the state, while we also keep the rising costs of medical care in check.

Benefits of BlueAlliance
Reducing waste in the health care system reduces costs and ensures you get the care you need without paying for duplicate tests or extra treatment. Ensuring the right care is offered affects the cost of health insurance premiums by reducing the volume of unnecessary care.

With over 99 percent of North Dakota providers participating in BlueAlliance, your doctor is most likely in your insurance network. However, to get the best coverage and lower rates, please use our BCBSND Find a Doctor tool to find both North Dakota and out of state providers.

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