Can I use my health insurance while traveling? Feature image

Can I use my health insurance while traveling?

October 10, 2013 Ryan Schuster

Planning to take a trip overseas or study abroad? Wondering what happens if you get sick while you're traveling?

We've got you covered. If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) health insurance, you can receive health care services when you're out of the country. All BCBSND plans include BlueCard coverage that covers members when they travel outside of North Dakota within the U.S. and BlueCard Worldwide, which covers members when they travel outside the country.

While specifics of what is covered can vary, services are available for medically necessary care, such as sudden illnesses or accidents. Coverage is generally not available for elective services, so you can't call ahead to make an appointment with a doctor in Italy before leaving on vacation.

College students on their parents' BCBSND coverage and students on BCBSND plans have access to coverage that would allow for medical coverage when traveling outside the state and outside the country.

For more information about how to use your BCBSND health insurance outside North Dakota, please call our member customer service line at 1-800-342-4718 or visit online member services. If you have specific questions about overseas travel coverage, you can call the BlueCard World Wide Service Center at 1-800-810-2583 or visit BlueCard Worldwide to find participating doctors and hospitals outside of the U.S.