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Fargo Marathon 5K sets healthy example

May 13, 2014 Ryan Schuster

A throng of participants of all ages and ability levels streamed through downtown Fargo on May 9 during the Fargo Marathon Friday Night 5K.

The 10th anniversary running of the 3.1-mile race returned the event to its downtown Fargo roots. Some of the 8,000 participants ran, while others walked the course that traversed two bridges spanning downtown Fargo and downtown Moorhead, Minn.

After a spirited event, the runners finished at Island Park. Those who stayed were treated to a free concert featuring the Johnny Holm Band.

We had a blast co-sponsoring the Friday Night 5K along with Discovery Benefits this year. It was great to see everyone getting outside and taking steps to improve their health.

Each year the Friday Night 5K provides an excellent example of how easy it can be to start your journey to better health. Every year there are some serious runners who train for months and then sprint the entire 3.1-mile course. But there are also numerous examples of kids running along with their parents, mothers pushing babies in strollers and friends and family members walking together. One West Fargo mom even walked the 5K while 9 months pregnant.

The Friday Night 5K shows us that you don't have to be in top physical shape to go for a run or walk with several thousand of your closest friends. In fact, it shows that no matter your health or fitness level, you can start taking small, but important steps to improve your health and fitness today. No matter how slowly you walk, you're already lapping the people sitting on the couch.