Find out if you're eligible for premium tax credits

September 29, 2013 Ryan Schuster

Would you like help in paying your insurance premiums?

North Dakotans will have another option to buy health insurance on Oct. 1, 2013 on the North Dakota Health Insurance Marketplace (also known as an exchange). The marketplace will offer North Dakotans a variety of health insurance plans approved for sale in North Dakota with differing coverage levels.

Some North Dakotans who choose plans on the online state marketplace may be eligible for premium tax credits to help them pay for the cost of coverage. Find out if you are eligible for a tax credit on the North Dakota marketplace and more about the Affordable Care Act on our health reform site at

Tax Credit Calculator

The tax credits are only available to those whose employers don't offer them qualifying single coverage that costs 9.5% or less of their annual household income.

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