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Get to know one of your customer service reps

December 18, 2017 Rhonda Ubben

I love the enthusiasm our customer service advocates have for helping members. To bring some of that enthusiasm to you, I asked Tracy, a Wahpeton employee who just celebrated her one-year anniversary with us, to share her perspective on working for BCBSND.

Me: What do you enjoy most about working with members?
Tracy: I love when they call and have a question about a claim or benefits – usually it's a claim and something to do with how it was processed or coded. You do the research and find out what happened and call them back to let them know that it was reprocessed, and I swear they could jump through the phone and hug you.

Me: What do you think is unique about BCBSND?
Tracy: I think the way we work with the members. Our members are what make up BCBSND, and we wouldn't be here without them. They are in the forefront of everything we do. We are always asking ourselves, how do we make this a good experience? How do we have members come back and say, "I love my insurance company?" That is engrained from the beginning when you work for this company.

Me: What does it mean to you to work for a company like BCBSND?
Tracy: It means the world to me. I was apprehensive to go from being self-employed to working for someone else, but when I got into this job, I saw how much BCBSND values their members and employees, and they show it in so many ways. It means a lot to me to work for a company that takes pride in their products and what they offer.

Me: What is your favorite thing about providing customer service from the Wahpeton office?
Tracy: I love that I am in my small town still and I don't have to drive 45 minutes to work somewhere else. That means everything because I am closer to my family and my home.

Me: What are your favorite BCBSND self-help tools?
Tracy: The Online Member Services is amazing. I signed up right away when I started here so I could get to know the information in it.  I had been a BCBSND member for years and never signed up. When I did, I realized how easy it was and that I could get my explanation of benefits without having to wait for it to come in the mail and check on claims processing in real time.

Another nice option for members whose employee group is in North Dakota but who live out of state is to be able to search for in-network providers. Especially when you have gone out of network in the past, you start to understand how important it is to stay in network.

Me: Is there anything else you think would be helpful for members to know about your team?
Tracy: I want members to know we come to work every day wanting to be able to help them as much as we can and we are really going to bat for them. Sometimes, people have a question and they think it's not worth calling, but there are no stupid questions because insurance is not easy to navigate. We really enjoy talking with members. I get to know them, and they even become my friends.


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