Having a rainy day? We've got an umbrella

February 12, 2012 Najla Amundson

I am not good with budgeting. That's why I married a fine man who happens to be very conscientious with our money. He is our family's Chief Financial Officer. He makes sure the bills are paid, we pay for our taxes, we pay for things necessary to run our house, and we put away a little something for those rainy days.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota does the same thing. The money you pay in premiums is part of a very specific budget that we follow. It has to be. You expect your medical claims to get paid, right? I sure do! Did you know that for each dollar you pay in premiums, 91 cents goes right back out to you to pay for your medical claims. That leaves 9 cents to pay for everything else: Taxes, expenses and that little something for those rainy days.

Here's how it breaks down:

Premium dollar distribution graphic

Why how are your rainy days connected to ours? Sometimes your medical expenses aren't too much and we don't get as many claims. But other times? Oh… other times, it pours. And you still need us to pay for those claims. You can count on us.

So, what do you think about the breakdown of how your premium dollar is used? Surprised? Tell us.

We're still asking…