How adults can use playground equipment for exercise

August 24, 2012 Ryan Schuster

As the parent of a kindergartener and a second grader, I spend a good amount of time at playgrounds. I'm new to Fargo, but I've already toured at least 10 different playgrounds in the area with my kids. How close our home is to a playground even played a role in where we decided to move.

Girl playing at playgroundPlaygrounds are great for kids. They get to run around, climb, play, laugh and use up all their energy (another reason I like playgrounds). But trips to the park and playground can get a bit old for parents. After watching them play for awhile, your attention naturally leads to conversations with other parents or surfing the internet and updating Facebook on your phone.

Parents tend to run around like crazy shuttling our kids to activities like soccer practice and dance lessons. Wouldn't it be great if we could get some exercise while our kids run around at the playground? Actually, you can (cue infomercial music). No, seriously.

Here is a video we put together showing some simple exercises you can do while you're at the playground with your kids.

Demonstration of tricep dip on playground equipment

A triceps dip can be done using a playground slide.

Our wellness experts will also be at the Oak Grove Park playground in Fargo from noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday during the Streets Alive event, showing adults how to do exercises and letting the "big kids" try them out themselves.

We think that recess should be for everyone. That's why we are launching a new program this fall to promote physical activity for kids in schools. But we are also looking for ways to encourage health and fitness among adults. There's no better way to help your kids be healthy and active than actually getting out and being active with them.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for how you fit exercise or physical activity into your busy schedule?