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How our board helps you

June 28, 2017 Rhonda Ubben

BCBSND was started during the Great Depression for people to get health care when they could not afford it. More than 75 years later, health care is still facing challenges. Helping us navigate is our board of directors.

These 13 men and women are driven to improve the health of patients, members and communities—largely because they are patients, members and part of our communities.

Our directors are like you, interested in getting affordable, accessible health care. They lead our efforts to collaborate with providers, industry representatives and community leaders.

These individuals have held various jobs, building their own careers in North Dakota businesses and organizations. Eight of them are consumers, representing business, government and education. Five are from the health care industry. 

Many of them grew up here and most are raising their own families here, so they have empathy for what you and your family face in issues far beyond health care and coverage.

Each decision the directors make is focused on ensuring that members like you get the best health care at the best price while providing proven, usable health and wellness tools.

The full board meets six times each year, and each director serves on two of these committees (which meet three to five times a year):

  • Audit & Compliance
  • Governance & Nominating
  • Human Resources & Compensation
  • Finance & Investment
  • Quality

The directors are elected by member vote at the annual meeting.

You can see the current board of directors and contact them here.


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